Agile Immersion

SCRUMmasters uses a practice-driven approach to equipping and enabling Agile teams. Unlike traditional Agile coaches, we don’t stand to the side and advise the team. We take on delivery responsibility for your project and play active leadership roles, while at the same time transforming your team into a high-throughput software development machine.

Why work with us?

  • You’ll see rapid results. We’ll accelerate your team by 50%-100% within 3-4 months.
  • We’ll empower your team members. We use a leadership style focused on empowering each individual, creating self-directed teams that produce high value at low cost.
  • You’ll have unparalleled visibility. Our Agile Project Dashboard provides clear metrics to steer by, focusing on Quality, Speed, Risk and Change while showing both cost and value delivered on a sprint by sprint basis. This enables you to zero in on the ROI you are delivering throughout the project, not just at the end.
  • You’ll see rapid results. We’ll accelerate your team by 50%-100% within 3-4 months.
  • The Agile Immersion — One size does not fit all

    Just as every agile team member has different experience and pre-existing knowledge, no two Agile teams face the same issues. We equip your team with an initial set of practices, tools and feedback mechanisms derived from our experience with Agile and Lean methods, and encourage the team to innovate and customize the practices in response to the needs and issues of the actual project.

    Using our lightweight suite of results-based metrics, the team can immediately see the impact of each practice on their success. This in turn results in full comprehension and buy-in to the Agile practices across the team, which is essential for the team to reach its performance potential.

    Our approach involves a continuous process of team-centered Leadership, informal MicroTraining, results-based Measurement,and project Acceleration. Frequent Assessments provide clear feedback on the success of the engagement and identifies clear areas of focus for continuous improvement.

  • Leadership– Our Agile Team Leads are qualified coaches who we place into leadership roles on your project, with full accountability for project success. This coach-by-leading approach ensures a focus on results, and every practice we teach targets specific improvements in the project’s performance.
  • MicroTraining– Our Agile Team Leads hold brief just-in-time training sessions for each Agile practice. These discussions are whiteboard-based and are each focused on a specific practice, which is put into immediate use by the team.  Studies show that adults retain less than 20% of what is taught in a classroom setting, and up to 85% when given the opportunity to learn while doing.
  • Measurement– SCRUMmasters has developed and refined a set of lightweight metrics that can be easily derived from information captured in project tracking tools such as Rally Developer and VersionOne. These metrics, updated at the end of each sprint, enable the Agile Team to systematically see and remove specific obstacles affecting their performance. As the team refines its scrum practices sprint by sprint, these measures express the team’s improvement in terms that show the impact they are having on the underlying business.
  • Acceleration – SCRUMmasters is dedicated not only to teaching teams and organizations how to “do” Agile, we are focused on creating ”Agile Excellence“.  This means achieving clear, often dramatic improvements in areas such as productivity, quality, and idea-to-market cycle-times that lead directly to improved business-side performance.
  • In the initial phase of our engagement we will establish clear targets and baselines for your Agile initiative, and help you systematically measure, refine, and demonstrate your progress towards these goals via a management dashboard which shows the project cost profile, business value delivered, and project profit & loss on both an iteration and release basis.