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Upcoming Agile Patterns Book Online

Recently I was interviewing candidates for a couple of positions on an Agile project. As part of the recruiting process, I had to spend considerable time (aka late nights) going through dozens and dozens of resumes in order to shortlist the ones that seemed promising enough to call for a face-to-face interview.
While going through the [...]

A Note on Patterns

Patterns organize implicit knowledge about how people successfully solve recurring problems. Patterns describe solutions that have been successfully applied on numerous occasions; they are not theoretical abstractions created in ivory towers.
Christopher Alexander defines a pattern as follows: “Each pattern describes a problem which occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the [...]

Alexandrian Pattern Format

Pattern Name*** (with confidence level)
Aliases: if any
… Context in which we find the problem
The context is often described via a “situation” rather than stated explicitly. Sometimes, the context is described in terms of the patterns that have already been applied.
Forces or trade-offs behind the pattern
The often contradictory considerations that must be taken into account when [...]

Book Content and Layout

As mentioned previously, this blog series will cover the basic patterns only; advanced topics may be addressed in the future.
I will cover the basics on the principles and process before discussing the team and technical practices. Lean Software Development will be covered subsequently.
The following topics will be covered in the order (more or less) listed [...]

Software Development is not Manufacturing

Software development is not like manufacturing and treating it as such will lead to a host of problems.