About Our Company

SCRUMmasters is a NYC-based consultancy focused on leading Agile teams to deliver outstanding project results. Its principal members have been leading Agile teams and coaching enterprises in the adoption of Lean and Agile practices since the late 1990s; before the signing of the Agile Manifesto and the popularization of XP and Scrum. We have a long history of repeatable results building scalable Agile teams that are able to sustain throughput rates between 2 and 3 times that of comparable traditional teams.
Our mission is to achieve direct savings for our clients’ project work and support operations, while increasing the value they deliver to the business.

We do this by applying lean and agile techniques to project work as well as BAU/support operations. We help your organization focus on activities that produce the highest business value, and lead your team through a process that will raise their rate of production by between 50%-100% in 3-4 months. We then show your partners and business customers how to accelerate their business even faster leveraging your new high-performance team.

aboutRecently, we helped the research group within a major Wall Street rating agency produce outstanding business results by working with their product development and support organizations. Within 3 months, we had accelerated their rate of product development by 85%, and decreased their time-to-market for new features from 8 months to 2 months.

The result was that the research group was able to over-deliver by nearly 200% on a business-critical project. The additional scope consisted entirely of innovative, customer-driven ideas, and the team’s ability to rapidly convert them into live product features has provided a key differentiator for this business line; enabling them to grow their business during one of the most challenging markets in history.